Fathers like mine don’t ever die

The holidays hurt. To me Dad is Christmas. My Christmas joy. I believe that Dad is with me in spirit through the days and the nights, and I think that he lives on in what I do, and that is something I keep close in my heart. Dad is incredible. He will always be my … Continue reading Fathers like mine don’t ever die

All Souls

All Souls. Transcendence. A time to honor our ancestors, to remember the dead, and when the veil between the worlds is thin. “Somewhere in a hidden memory Images float before my eyes Of fragrant nights of straw and of bonfires And dancing till the next sunrise I can see lights in the distance Trembling in … Continue reading All Souls

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! Throwback Pinup Art to 2013. Make-up, hair, and creative set by @bombshellmandy @bombshellpinupsstudio #witch #halloweencostume #witchcostume #pinupart #pinuphalloween #witchonthemoon #creative #pinupgirl #pinupwitch

Again behold the stars

Literature is part of my soul, especially Dante. My understanding of the depth of Dante’s journey through the Inferno has changed and transcended time. It often reflects my own life and heart. “The poets leave hell and again behold the stars.” ~ Dante Alighieri. #dantesinferno #literature #knowyourworth #walkwithjesus #dantealighieri #literaturenerd #classicliterature

Own it

Me at work earlier this week. It happened. I need reading glasses. I have decided to own it. They make a huge difference for my work on computer screens and according to my friends, these glasses make me look quite distinguished. Or something like that. Here’s to being 45 and needing glasses :-p 🍷#parishadministrator #parishadmin … Continue reading Own it