An Awake Heart

An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.
~ Hafiz ❤️☀️🌟
Throwback/TBT… This image was inspired by my travels to Jerusalem. Image by Wandering Bohemian Photography. Hair & Make-Up by Mariluz West @wanderingbohemian @mariluzwestmua #tbt #jerusaleminspired #middleeasterninspired

Lead to humility

There have been days I drive far or off road – just to find a silent peaceful space to pray and reflect. 💗🧿✝️🌟 If pain doesn’t lead to humility, you have wasted your suffering. ~ Katerina Stoykova Klemer #mitsubishioutlander #offloading #prayer #mindfulness #reflect

It isn’t in my blood

Walking/hiking/running relieves stress for me. It gets me out of my head. After recently spending time in Italy – walking just about everywhere there (2-5 mi a day) – it made me feel so much better. In spite of healing from back and concussion issues I stay determined to work out – it is changing my life for the better. I’m also inspired by my friend Lucy @ripa10runner (VBFF since Waldorf school grade 5!! 🍁who made the Boston Marathon again!!Congrats Lucy!!) … I’m dedicated to fitness for myself and I’m staying the course. “Sometimes I feel like giving up. But I just can’t. It isn’t in my blood” ~ Shawn Mendes

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So good to spend time with my friend Evan… An incredibly talented creative artist, world traveler, cook, musician, and writer… Since Waldorf school we usually cross paths during transition chapters of our lives… He follows his heart and lives his life boldly – with grace in his own direction. Love you always my dear friend!! 🎒✈️🌎 🖼 #evanjoblin


I must take a moment to celebrate this woman right here ~ my beloved friend Corey ~ she has been my light in darkness, my hope amidst pain, and made me laugh through some seriously difficult times. I mean it there were times through my darkest hours she rescued me from despair. You just do not forget something like that. She gets me, accepts me, never judges, and we share our Faith in Christ. We empower and inspire each other forward!! Girl you are a blessing ✝️💗 “Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words.” ~ George Eliot

My story isn’t over

A birthday gift from my cherished friend Nichole Louise who knows my heart, my pain, my journey, and my hope. I love you girl. As my Dad said “Never Give Up” … I will try always to BELIEVE ❤️ #survivor #ptsdawareness #metoo #timesup #domesticviolenceawareness #dvcccpa


This video has deeply touched my soul. The coming together of beautiful, strong, soulful women – the hope that even our deepest inner wounds can heal. Reclaiming ourselves, our cultures, our voices, WHO WE ARE! Like those ships fading into the water – in time the pain may fade with them.

“It’s a new day (it’s a new day)
So don’t judge a human (so don’t judge a human)
‘Til you’re in their shoes (’til you’re in their shoes)
If you have a dream (if you have a dream)
Then you can’t stop us (then you can’t stop us) Sing, “Hallelujah” (sing, “Hallelujah”)
Say, “Amen” (say, “Amen”)” ~ Madonna 💗 #madonna #batuka