Dads Are Forever

Image by Stylish Images In the joy of our wedding, there was also the chasm and pain in our hearts of missing our beloved Dads. The most beautiful, meaningful, and mysterious part of our meeting and coming together as a couple, is that our Dads were best childhood friends. Brian and I met on a … Continue reading Dads Are Forever

Wedding Memories

Wedding memories with Brian’s family 💗 1️⃣ Brian and his children Grace, Adian, Bowen, & Quinn 2️⃣With Brian’s Mum Shirley, Sister Lauren, and Brother Bill 3️⃣ Brian and his Mother Shirely 4️⃣ Brian and his sons Quinn and Bowen 5️⃣Brian and his daughters Grace and Aidan 6️⃣The wedding party: Nix, Grace, Montana, Lilly, & Cora … Continue reading Wedding Memories

Our Wedding

The wait for our professional wedding pictures has been completely worth it. These images are gorgeous and meaningful. I love them!! I plan to post more over the next week or so, however these are my favorite couples images. Brides make up and hair by @jessicasaintbeauty Images by @serenastarphotography Wedding gown by @dinahkirby Kilt by … Continue reading Our Wedding

I will simply be

“Amid a world of noisy, shallow actors it is noble to stand aside and say, “I will simply be.”~ Henry David Thoreau Dress by @heartmycloset_clothing #gettysburg #pennsylvania #beyourself #beyourbestself #fortyandfabulous #fortysomething #knowyourworth #vintageclothing #vintagedress #walkwithjesus