Dads Are Forever

Image by Stylish Images

In the joy of our wedding, there was also the chasm and pain in our hearts of missing our beloved Dads. The most beautiful, meaningful, and mysterious part of our meeting and coming together as a couple, is that our Dads were best childhood friends. Brian and I met on a dating web site, however we only learned of our Dads connection after he revealed his last name to me!! My Dad is such a part of who I am. He instilled goodness, integrity, kindness, a strong will, patience, creativity, appreciation for nature, resilience, and caring for others. He also taught me the power of prayer and to know that my Faith is my greatest strength. My Dad is my hero, there is no other. I love him beyond what words or anything written can fully express. He is the stars to me 🌟, my love for him is something not even death can diminish. 1️⃣ At my Dad’s Memorial. If I was granted one wish it would be to hug my Daddy again 2️⃣ My beloved cherished Mum and I at my Dad’s Memorial 3️⃣ Flower and tartan Memorial details 4️⃣Mum walking me down the isle, notice she is carrying my Dad’s Veteran hat, he was with us 5️⃣I felt Dad in spirit right there with us 6️⃣Mum’s locket of Dad was a part of my wedding bouquet 7️⃣A deeply emotional and beautiful moment with my cousin Tori after communion, shared tears of love for all of those we lost and love 8️⃣Brian and I, when he whispered to me “Our Dads are with us” 9️⃣ Our Dads, they grew up together! 🔟 Dancing with my Dad during another chapter of my life, in another time. In memory of a man who danced even from a wheelchair, never gave up, and is without question now Walking With Jesus. I find solace knowing Dad sent Brian to me later in life, I feel his choice for me everyday in Brian’s kindness and solid character. I’m grateful to be the daughter of such a great soul, I love you forever Dad💗 Brides make up and hair by @jessicasaintbeauty Images by @serenastarphotography Wedding gown by @dinahkirby Kilt by @usakilts Flowers by Three Peas In A Pod Necklace by @jewelsthroughtime #wedding #episcopal #episcopalwedding #christianwedding #celticwedding #scottishwedding #washingtonmemorialchapel @wmchapel #weddinggown #weddingveil #cathedrallengthveil

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