Wedding Memories

Wedding memories with Brian’s family 💗 1️⃣ Brian and his children Grace, Adian, Bowen, & Quinn 2️⃣With Brian’s Mum Shirley, Sister Lauren, and Brother Bill 3️⃣ Brian and his Mother Shirely 4️⃣ Brian and his sons Quinn and Bowen 5️⃣Brian and his daughters Grace and Aidan 6️⃣The wedding party: Nix, Grace, Montana, Lilly, & Cora 7️⃣Grandma Shirley, Bowen, & Quinn, I love her joyous smile!! 8️⃣US – I love the way he looks at me 9️⃣Lilly and Cora with Grace and her guide dog Montana 🔟 Montana. Tartan bow made by my dear friend Dinah @dinahkirby Brides make up and hair by @jessicasaintbeauty Images by @serenastarphotography Wedding gown by @dinahkirby Kilt by @usakilts Flowers by Three Peas In A Pod Necklace by @jewelsthroughtime #wedding #episcopal #episcopalwedding #christianwedding #celticwedding #scottishwedding #washingtonmemorialchapel @wmchapel #weddinggown #weddingveil #cathedrallengthveil

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