Cherished Moments and Details

Cherished moments and details. 1️⃣ Dinah @dinahkirby & Cora @cubben – I love this moment 💗 2️⃣ My Chapel Grandma Liz. She surprised me when I arrived at Chapel!! Such JOY!! 3️⃣ & 4️⃣ My precious cousins Tori and Kara 🌹 Blood of my blood, heart of my heart. 5️⃣ Mum @bldjan5 and Nix @nichole__louise preparing my veil 6️⃣ Bryant’s love @delong66 – The way he looks at me!! 7️⃣ US @delong66 – I love the lace and tartan details. 8️⃣ He @delong66 kept kissing me! Thankfully our celebrant priest Chris @cexley67 did not seem to mind :-p 9️⃣ My chosen family Nix @nichole__louise and Josh 🔟 Our amazing bagpiper Heidi! Brides make up and hair by @jessicasaintbeauty Images by @serenastarphotography Wedding gown by @dinahkirby Kilt by @usakilts Flowers by Three Peas In A Pod Necklace by @jewelsthroughtime #wedding #episcopal #episcopalwedding #christianwedding #celticwedding #scottishwedding #washingtonmemorialchapel @wmchapel #weddinggown #weddingveil #cathedrallengthveil

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