My Church Family

My Church family! 1️⃣These two!! Brothers. Fionn and Liam. Integrity, dedication, intelligence, sarcasm, talent, insightful, huge hearts. I love them both. We share Episcopalian and Waldorf roots that run deep. I love that they wore black to honor my Dad’s memory, because like my Dad I’m a lifelong Johnny Cash fan @johnnycash Fionn has changed my life by believing in me, and teaching me many new career skills. When I doubted myself, he not only told me I can do something, he showed me how. He values my creativity, intelligence and talent. We share serious dedication and passion for the Chapel. Fionn knows me and understands me. 2️⃣ Liz – my Chapel grandma. She has become pure light and love to me during some tough times, and this candid moment is PRECIOUS to me! It is her MO to kiss my nose! Through Liz’s nurturing, I’m reminded of my own Grandma’s love, and I feel that same sweet care from her which warms my heart. Also to her I’m still “a kid” which I appreciate! 3️⃣Lisa I love this woman. We have been through so much together. Years of friendship!! Marriages, divorces, each of losing a beloved parent, and finding out together what matters most in life. She is never afraid to tell me the truth. Lisa’s “tough love” has rescued me from a lot of pain and bad choices more than once. 4️⃣ Michelle – An unexpected friendship that has grown from our shared love of horses and travel. She never fails to brighten my days and has talked me through discouraging moments to realizing the good. 5️⃣Chris @cexley67 This compassionate priest has walked through the pain of slowly losing my Grandma to the long goodbye that is dementia. He never fails to lift up my heart and remind me that I am a child of God. I’m grateful Chris was the celebrant of our wedding and has now also been able to join me in this joyous time of my life. Having walked the pain with me, he understands the depth of my joy as well. I’m grateful all of you are a part of my life. I love you. ✝️💗 Flowers by Three Peas In A Pod. Brides Hair & Make-up by @jessicasaintbeauty Images by @serenastarphotography @wmchapel #washingtonmemorialchapel

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