“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”

– Virginia Woolf

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Two difficult questions have been asked of me over the years. The questions are: “Can an abuser be forgiven?” and “If he asked you to forgive him could you?” The thing is these questions have zero validity. Not to me. Not anymore. It is time that the real questions must become “Why did this person … Continue reading REMEMBER YOUR WORTH!

There is also joy

Since a few of you keep asking me :-p Here are a few pictures of this year’s Christmas. Brian and I sharing our first married Christmas and some of my favorite ornaments. Christmas has become such a time of sadness for me since my Dad passed on, however truly there is also joy and my … Continue reading There is also joy

A Christmas long long ago

A memory with my Daddy from a Christmas long long ago 🎄💗 #dadsareforever #christmas #christmasmemories #christmaslongago #bluechristmas

Christmas Bulletins

I finally finished the Christmas bulletins print at the Chapel! Holy Toledo! Feeling accomplished and grateful! #reallife #episcopalchurch #washingtonmemorialchapel #merrychristmas #episcopal #parishadministrator

Someone in another time

The holidays hurt. Those close to me know my heart, and reach out when I least expect it. My friend Corey said her daughter (my Goddaughter) Cora loves this book I wrote so long ago. This comforted me and reminds me of the words of Sappho “Someone, I tell you, in another time will remember … Continue reading Someone in another time


With my beloved cousins Kara, Katie, Kari, Tori, & Mum 💗 Nothing like family! (my cousin Kara would like to remain faceless due to privacy reasons) #familia

Alabama Tornado

I don’t post much of my daily life. Just not my form of expression. However this is a night/day to remember! Thank God we made it through the Tornados last night here in Florence, Alabama! Today is my cousin Kara’s graduation from UNA. It is delayed not canceled. We are determined to celebrate her big … Continue reading Alabama Tornado


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