“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”

– Virginia Woolf

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Art Nouveau

I’m honored artist Deac Mong @deacmongart painted this stunningly detailed work of art, inspired by artist Mandy Santana’s @bombshellmandy Art Nouveau Pinup art of me. Deep gratitude to my friend Dr. Ron McFadden for commissioning this incredible painting! I will cherish this. #artnoveau #bombshellmandy #deacmong #pinupart

Best Coworker Ever

I love working at St Mary’s Episcopal Church, it is a church that has gotten deep into my heart. I love the community, the amazing pantry that helps many people in need, the gorgeous peaceful sanctuary, and I’m blessed to work for a heartening Rector, Father Joseph @frjoseph36 Not to mention, I have the best … Continue reading Best Coworker Ever

All Are Truly Welcome

Beautiful service and church picnic (even in the rain) today at one of the Episcopal Churches I work for. Children are invited to bring a surprise object to Father Benjamin, and he will relate it to the Bible. Today it was nerf guns! This a great church to work at, I love being a part … Continue reading All Are Truly Welcome

Portrait Art

Gorgeous detailed art, by my incredibly talented cousin Karaline! @bumblebeecanvas This is a portrait depicting me as Queen Katherine of Aragon #katherineofaragon #catherineofaragon #cosplay #art #portraitartwork

Happy Birthday Nichole Louise!

Happy Birthday Nicole Louise! Cherished friend, sister of my heart. You are a treasure. The most loyal, patient, understanding, and sincere friend. If we have different perspectives on something we always learn from each other, and respect our differences. When my Dad passed I know he sent you to me to literally hold me through … Continue reading Happy Birthday Nichole Louise!

Loves Forever

Old friends are the best friends.” For sure! It was good for my soul to see my friend Amanda, a dear friend from graduate school (and our mothers). To Mordor and back again our friendship has proven to be resilient and strong enough to mirror the lessons of life, of time. We live, we learn, … Continue reading Loves Forever

Summer Picnic

Great summer picnic with my dear friends Anna & Andre. It is incredible and surreal to realize we have been friends for over 20 years!!🍺🧿💗🇵🇱🇺🇸 #summerpic #friendship

The best of times

The best of times with some of my favorite people in the universe – Brian, Nix, & Josh 💗💗💗💗🧿💗💗 #summerpicnic #bestfriends #makeitcount

Birthday Lobster Bake

I came home from Alaska to a birthday lobster bake, prepared by my sweetheart husband Brian ❤️, complete with a cake from my favorite local bakery @sweetjazmines, and my favorite Italian #Limoncello 🍋Liqueur #bottegaliqueurs Happy Birthday 🎂 to me!! Thank you Brian! I couldn’t ask for a better bday welcome home 💋#birthday #birthdaycake #limoncello


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